Soy Milk Powder (Sweetened with fruit)


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AGV SoyMilk Powder (sweetened with date fruit) is a supplementary product that boosts the immune system to keep the body very healthy. Made from 100% non-GMO soya bean and health-enhancing natural grain.
Good for human Health, muscle, bone, brain, hair, and skin development.
It contains life-sustaining ingredients which are rich with all 28 vitamins and minerals.
It is ideal for the whole family.
Perfect for children.
Easy to prepare
Preparation 1 –  As a healthy drink/tea.
 Scoop 2 tablespoons of Agv soymilk (sweetened) into tea cup
 Add hot or cold water.
 Stir with teaspoon and serve.
 Your healthy drink is ready
Preparation 2 – Add to pap, custard, cereals, smoothie as your milk.
 Scoop 2-3 tablespoon of Agv soymilk (sweetened) in a cup.
 Add 20ml of water.
 Stir until it is creamy.
 Add to your ready-made pap, custard, oat, cereals and smoothie.
 Stir to mix and drink/eat. Yummy!!!
Why You Should Buy This Product
 100% natural
 Rich in Protein
 Highly Nutritious
 Rich in vitamin A
 No Cholesterol
 No Gluten
 No Lactose
 Great taste
 Creamy
 Good for the heart
 Supports memory function
 Necessary for clear eyesight
 Improves glucose tolerance
 Helps decrease blood glucose level
 No preservative/artificial additive
 Comes in a resealable pack(no need for a container).
 Very convenient.

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